Author: Laura

Content Marketing – the Importance of Good Copy

Content marketing is a good way to market your business and make sure people on the internet know your company exists. If you are looking to build up a good content marketing strategy, you will need to make sure that the content you are putting out on the web is of a high enough quality. […]

Outsourcing your Web Marketing to an Agency

Outsourcing to an agency is the perfect way to get your marketing work completed efficiently and proactively. Many agencies now exist with the sole purpose of putting together and implementing web marketing strategies for clients, so you should be able to find someone in your local area. One of the best things you can do […]

5 Exceptional Content Marketing Strategies That You Should Not Ignore

When it comes to demand creation online marketing is the connection between lead generation and brand awareness. If it’s done well, it builds affinity, familiarity, and trustworthiness with the current and prospective customers by providing them with relevant information in the right way, through the right method and in the right time. However, content marketing […]

The Importance of Call Tracking

With more consumers using smartphones and tablets, there will be an increased number of mobile searchers for businesses and information on products or services. It is imperative for companies to leverage the rise of mobile technology and track interactions sourced from smartphones. Customers are not only browsing brand information from their smartphones and tablets, but […]

Why Analytics is Important To Your Marketing Strategy

Google Analytics is the most powerful tool when it comes to analysing traffic coming onto your website. Here are some reasons why you should train yourself to regularly use the tool to your advantage. Where your visitors are coming from – very important if you’re targeting a specific audience. How your visitors found your website […]

2 Reasons Why Every Company Needs CRM

History If you’ve ever wanted to look back and see everything on a particular contact, the stream of communication between you and them and other members of your business then you need a CRM. Customer relations systems help keep all those conversations in one place and make it easy for you to quickly look back […]