2 Reasons Why Every Company Needs CRM


If you’ve ever wanted to look back and see everything on a particular contact, the stream of communication between you and them and other members of your business then you need a CRM. Customer relations systems help keep all those conversations in one place and make it easy for you to quickly look back in time and see how things have progressed. Don’t be confused about why a particular customer is upset – see for yourself the progression of a client and their communication as well as your company’s notes and responses. You’ll be able to save more customers from leaving by catching something you would have otherwise missed. And you can learn from your history.

Data Capture

If you use notepads, memo books, calendars, and other systems for tracking your data then the odds are high that you are going to lose it at some point. Store everything on your laptop? They can be stolen. A web-based CRM lets you effectively protect your data from being lost. Sure, servers can crash and hard drives fail but with the proper web host and data backups you’ll never lose your data. That’s just one of the benefits of CRMery, as an Open-Source CRM you have the complete freedom to select the absolute best web host and service provider. And you own your data. It’s not stored on some company’s server leaving you at their security and their business infrastructure. CRMery lets you install, manage and maintain your own data on the server of your choice.