3 Tips on Using Socialbakers Analytics

Socialbakers have fully rolled out their new analytics system and just like social media marketing, it has evolved! Below are our 3 top recommendations to help you get the best of the upgrade.

  1. Automatic Reporting – One of the most important parts of social media management, Socialbakers have made it much easier to report facts and figures. The upgraded version sees the software have the ability to set up reports automatically and then send to the recipient of your choice.
  2. Cross-Platform Reporting – Many businesses have different platforms which they’re active on. So cross-platform reporting comes in very handy, as it helps you see where your ROI works best.
  3. Response Rate feature – With responding to queries being an important part of social media for businesses, the new upgrade lets you see when your account is at its least responsiveness, to help you improve in the future.