Businesses on Facebook

If your business had a relationship status on Facebook it would most likely read: “It’s Complicated”. We love Facebook but for many businesses, it’s not Facebook, it’s them…

When social media first came around one of the most common sentences by business owners was “I don’t know what Facebook is, but we need one.” Businesses then hastily made company pages so they would be indexed on Google. New add-in apps were popping up like tabs for coupons and surveys and polls and – oh wait. Facebook killed all those. Yes because it was going against the build-up plans for Facebook Ads.

Today, there are of course loads of different companies doing well generating revenues on Facebook. But we suspect most are not, because the once must destination has lost its allure for buyers. Plus many products and services are just not suited for the social networking site. As more and more people use ad blockers, the less of a tool it becomes. In short, if people want to find you, they want your website, not your Facebook web page.