Using Google Analytics

Anybody involved in digital marketing and/or running a business online should, by this point, be aware of Google Analytics. It is the most popular online analytics platform in the world, and as it is connected to google, who are often one of the most important marketing channels for businesses, it can give you a lot of information which is important that can’t be collected through other sources.

It is very easy to begin to use GA, and although there are a variety of more advanced things which can be done through the system, such as setting targets and customising KPI’s (which can be learned about through Google’s free online training course called Digital Analytics Fundamentals), as well as a number of other more specialised settings, for a simple e-commerce website with not too much going on, the standard layout upon first starting is already very useful. All you need to do to set GA up on your website is to add a line of code on every page of your website, right before the closing header tag.

Even though the vast majority of people are aware of google analytics, in all likelihood they probably aren’t fully aware of all of the capabilities of the software. It isn’t just limited to websites online; it can actually be installed on any digitally connected application, which includes many mobile applications, online games and more.