10 Compelling Local Business Twitter Headers

For local businesses seeking to reach out to customers through Twitter, it’s not only the tweets that matter. Effective use of the header space might help sell you as a destination, and produce more foot traffic on your door.

Here are ten local businesses that use the Twitter header area to market themselves in a great manner.

Scooter’s Coffee — @scooterscoffee

Scooters Coffee

Scooter’s, an area coffee shop in Omaha, Nebraska, makes sure Twitter page visitors know who they’re speaking to, and adds an incredible amount of personality to its business.

John’s Pizzeria — @johns_pizzeria

Johns Pizzeria

Through a single image, Ny city based John’s Pizzeria establishes its two core menu items: pizza and beer. In text, the connection with “budget friendly” assures potential customers that menu prices are competitive and affordable.

Douglas Orr Plumbing — @OrrPlumbing

Douglas Orr Plumbing

Using an excellent header image, Douglas Orr Plumbing establishes a degree of trust in an industry where it truly is critical. By showing company trucks and an office location, Orr means that its business is solid and reliable.

HellsKitchenMN — @HellsKitchenMN

Hells Kitchen

Minneapolis restaurant Hell’s Kitchen uses color to specific the texture of its location. Also mentioned is its delivery service inside the kind of a connection with another Twitter account.

Nathaniel Square CS — @NathanielSquare

Nathaniel Square

Without even profiting from the gap to apply a big image, craft beer destination Nathaniel Square utilizes text to reveal location, hours of operation, and speak to information.

Hupy&Abraham — @HupyandAbraham


Personal injury law firm Hupy and Abraham of Milwaukee employs an ornamental image to accent its logo, and a black lower half to make sure the text stands proud.

Burton’s Total Pet — @totalpet

Burtons Total Pet

Engaging artwork, local flavor, and a date the business was established all work to draw customers for Burton’s Total Pet, of Pittsburgh.

Hollyberry Catering — @hollyberrytweet

Hollyberry Catering

Local St. Louis catering service Hollyberry features a creative photograph and descriptions several awards, and national media outlets which have featured its business.

Texas Direct Auto — @TexasDirectAuto

Texas Direct Auto

Texas Direct Auto of Houston uses excellent placement of art to enrich its logo, in addition to making a strong call to action: Sell Us Your Car.

Browser Media — @browsermedia

Browser Media

Washington, D.C. based website design firm Browser Media matches the profile picture to the header background by incorporating its logo in multiple ways.