Blinkbox appoints former TBWA UK CEO as first brand director

Blinkbox has appointed former TBWA UK CEO Matt Shepherd-Smith to the newly created role of group brand director because it seeks to construct a consistent brand identity to span its different businesses.


Shepherd-Smith have been advising Blinkbox in a non-executive capacity for 2 years. Tesco says the rapid growth of the business means it has now created an entire-time position. It’s expanding through new content deals with firms inclusive of Studio Canal and launching on new platforms including apps for brand new consoles from both Sony and Microsoft.

Shepherd-Smith previously worked at ad agencies for 22 years, including 11 years at TBWA where he became UK CEO. He has worked on campaigns for brands including Skype, Playstation and Apple.

At Tesco, he’ll report back to Blinkbox CEO and Tesco group digital offer, Michael Comish and be accountable for making a “strong and differentiated” Blinkbox brand because it expands beyond movies and television to music and books.

Tesco bought Blinkbox in 2011 and rebranded all its digital entertainment services under the Blinkbox brand  last year. It recently launched into the largest marketing push to this point for Blinkbox, including an in-store marketing blitz using the tagline “Coming Sooner” backed up by radio, print, digital and outdoor ads, in addition to a TV ad campaign.

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