What Value Does a Brand Add to a Product?

A food for thought type of post…

We can see lots of examples of companies with solid brands being able to put a massive mark-up on their products, solely based upon the value of their image and overall branding.

We can see this very clearly when you look at branded food products vs value options at your supermarket. Many studies have been conducted to show that when people don’t know which one is which, they have difficulty actually determining which is which. This clearly shows everyone that it is the brand which causes the value of the branded option to exceed the value option by a significant margin.

We can see numerous other examples of these situations, throughout virtually every industry, which clearly illustrates the value to businesses of developing a brand. Remember though, a brand is there to develop recognition amongst the target market, and that can be both a positive or a negative.

3 Reasons To Use Hootsuite

  1. Hootsuite is a brilliant tool if you need to be in control of more than one social media platform. Hootsuite allows you to be in control of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, FourSquare and many other applications.
  2. One problem many people have with software is that it’s not cross-platform. Luckily with Hootsuite, it’s available on all the main players – Apple iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX. Perfect!
  3. If you need to know how things are going, but don’t have the time to collate reports, allow Hootsuite to send you your monthly report via email. You can even have a weekly report if you want to be even more on the ball!

The Advantages of Using Mozilla Firefox

With so many different browsers out there, it can be hard to tell which is the best for you to use. Today we discuss using Mozilla’s Firefox browser and list 5 advantages of using this software.

  1. Firefox is the second fastest browser on the market, only losing out to Apple’s Safari browser.
  2. The private browsing feature allows users to visit web pages without recording any history or cookies.
  3. If you like to multi-task, then Mozilla’s multi-task feature is perfect for you. With each part still working seamlessly with the other.
  4. The browser comes with a safe browsing feature, meaning there’s added security against malware.
  5. Firefox has one of the best plug-in features, with many customisable options on the browser.

3 Tips on Using Socialbakers Analytics

Socialbakers have fully rolled out their new analytics system and just like social media marketing, it has evolved! Below are our 3 top recommendations to help you get the best of the upgrade.

  1. Automatic Reporting – One of the most important parts of social media management, Socialbakers have made it much easier to report facts and figures. The upgraded version sees the software have the ability to set up reports automatically and then send to the recipient of your choice.
  2. Cross-Platform Reporting – Many businesses have different platforms which they’re active on. So cross-platform reporting comes in very handy, as it helps you see where your ROI works best.
  3. Response Rate feature – With responding to queries being an important part of social media for businesses, the new upgrade lets you see when your account is at its least responsiveness, to help you improve in the future.

Using Google Analytics

Anybody involved in digital marketing and/or running a business online should, by this point, be aware of Google Analytics. It is the most popular online analytics platform in the world, and as it is connected to google, who are often one of the most important marketing channels for businesses, it can give you a lot of information which is important that can’t be collected through other sources.

It is very easy to begin to use GA, and although there are a variety of more advanced things which can be done through the system, such as setting targets and customising KPI’s (which can be learned about through Google’s free online training course called Digital Analytics Fundamentals), as well as a number of other more specialised settings, for a simple e-commerce website with not too much going on, the standard layout upon first starting is already very useful. All you need to do to set GA up on your website is to add a line of code on every page of your website, right before the closing header tag.

Even though the vast majority of people are aware of google analytics, in all likelihood they probably aren’t fully aware of all of the capabilities of the software. It isn’t just limited to websites online; it can actually be installed on any digitally connected application, which includes many mobile applications, online games and more.

The Benefits Of Using Instagram For Business

With visual content and engagement being a key part of marketing, social media platforms such as Instagram have become key players in the marketing world. With over 155 million active followers, Instagram is one of the most, if not the most popular photo sharing social media platform available.

One of the key benefits of using Instagram is that engagement is very high. As long as your account is active and you post interesting/visually appealing images then your account is likely to see high levels of engagement.

You’re not allowed to attach links with your image caption unless you’re paying for Instagram Adverts, so the only way to include a link to increase traffic back to your website is include a link back to your profile bio.

If your target audience is the under 35 market, then you should definitely invest time into Instagram as over a third of this age group who use social media daily, have an Instagram account.