Tips For Content Marketing

Content marketing has dominated business marketing for a long time. It involves search engine and conversion rate optimisation to increase monetisation of traffic in your website. Business owners in the United Kingdom should be keen to come up with a reliable online marketing strategy. The country has a very high obsession with digital environment with over 87% of the population having reliable internet access. This means any business looking to grow or enter the British market has to appreciate the importance of content marketing UK in modern and online marketing. Here are some tips that will really guide in the process.  (more…)

3 Ways To Market Your Blog

Are you struggling to come up with a marketing plan for your blog> With so many blogs out there, it can become hard to understand your place and goals for the content you produce. Below are three tips to help you and your blog.

  1. The point of you making a blog is to target a specific market, right? The worst thing you can do is waste your time marketing your content to an audience which isn’t interested. Consider the type of audience you’re trying to target, make sure the content written hits the mark and then get to work.
  2. When writing your content, make sure it’s original. There’s nothing worse than reading the blog post which reads exactly the same as another. Make sure you add your opinion.
  3. Once you’ve posted your article, it’s time to get sharing on social media. This doesn’t mean just once. Make sure to also share at peak times.

How Twitter Analytics Can Help

We recently posted about Twitter Analytics and how it’s open for all to use. Now we’re going to discuss three ways in which you can benefit from Analytics to improve your marketing techniques.

One of the most obvious benefits from Twitter Analytics is seeing how many people are actually seeing your tweets. You can examine the impression data and see the difference in tweets and what results they achieve.

Analytics also helps you decide whether paid advertising is all that it’s cracked up to be on Twitter. You can again, check this via the Impressions tab on the dashboard.

Another great feature of Analytics is the fact that you can see engagement data beside your tweets. This will help you work out which style of tweet is more engaging. For example, we’ve found that tweets with an image attached usually engage the audience more.

How To Do Marketing on Youtube

There are a few different issues which have to be resolved when trying to tackle youtube, namely, how you want to do it. You can, for instance, pay an established youtuber to push your brand to their viewers, which can be done either in the form of a product placement, or paid for review, or you can pay youtube for advertisements, much like on TV, which play before a youtube video with a certain level of viewership. Lastly, and a good option for any business, of any size, you can create your own youtube account.

Creating your own youtube account can be a great way to show off original content, and you can also embed the videos on your website, giving you an SEO benefit too. Youtube can be a great way of providing customers and other interested parties with information and step by step plans for using your products, which as people move online more and more for commerce, may start to become even more important as it replaces face to face instructions.

Businesses To Focus More On Google+ This Year?

In an unsurprising finding, Virgin Media Business have found that businesses in the UK are finally ready to embrace Google’s social media platform – Google+ this year.

With 49% of UK SMEs on LinkedIn and 39% on Facebook, Google+ has a lot of catching up to do with only 25% currently using the platform.

“In this digital age it is vital for growing business to have a presence online, be it with a website, digital networking tools or through various social media channels.

The facts these SMEs are trying different digital platforms to promote their business shows a willingness to embrace all that digital offers and provides an incentive to keep refreshing their digital skills. Being on the right digital platform and using these effectively can propel a business to great heights and help them reach new audiences.”

(Mike Smith, Virgin Media Business)

SEO for Bedford Businesses

If you are unaware of the importance of search engine (SEO) in Bedford, then a short explanation may be in order. SEO, which does of course stand for search engine optimisation, is the way in which your website becomes visible to search engines such as Google. The is important because the more visible that you are, then the higher up the results pages you will appear and this will then, in turn, generate more organic traffic hitting your website. The difference that this can make to your online business is astonishing, but we also need to explain why using a local company can be extremely beneficial to you.

Local Is Better Than International
If you browse for SEO companies on the Internet, then you are going to be swamped with possibilities from every corner of the globe. Of course this also means that you will come across some companies that claim to offer you the world and will do so for a very small price, but there can be a number of issues with this. You see, they treat every client in the same way as they do not fully understand the nuances of business in the UK. (more…)