Getting Back on Track with Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a technique that first came around more than 15 years ago and it’s still widely used today. Some businesses are a bit stop and start with email marketing but the fact of the matter is it’s an effective form of content marketing, and it can improve sales.

An emailing campaign today has virtually no limits. There can be links to your website, countdown clocks for sales, social media icons and ecommerce systems. You’re also able to track email campaigns to maximise return on investment, seeing which of your contacts opened the email.

Emailing should always be including in a content marketing strategy, and it’s a great way of acquiring loyal, returning customers. Make sure you consider it if you’re looking to develop your brand over the coming months.

Twitter Opens Analytics Dashboard For Everyone

A few months ago Social Media giants, Twitter decided to create an analytics dashboard for verified and advertising accounts. The restriction is no longer, as now it’s open to all users.

The dashboard lets you see the performance of every tweet you have sent. It shows the actual amount of views the tweet received, it also gives you figures on the amount of clicks your tweet received.

This is a great tool to use, especially for brands wanting to know whether their followers are active or not. It gives you a great indication of what tweets work, and when your best time of engagement is. Highly recommended.

Improve Brand Awareness with Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads is a relatively new paid advertising approach, but it never fails to attract more followers. If you’re looking to improve your ratio, then Twitter Ads can help and you essentially create promotional tweets to demand attention and attract followers.

You can choose your target audience, and while the demographic options are not as diverse as Facebook you can still hunt people down by gender, interests and device among others. If you’re looking to amplify your message and get discovered then this is a good platform to use, but remember the followers you gain you must aim to keep with engaging tweets and interesting content.

You get to set your budget and watch the followers come rolling in, but we’d always recommend that you run a small campaign first, just to so that you can get your demographics right, which often requires a little trial and error.

Web Development Trends that Look Set to Stay

Web development is considered a broad term to mean designing a site for the internet. So it may include things such as web design, content development, client/server scripting, and many others. If you have a website, or planning to host one soon, it’s important that you know what’s currently going on in the industry. We’ve seen trends coming and going, and some have survived for quite long. For instance, there are trends that begun in 2012, and they are still actively being used today. Then there are others that didn’t make it past 2013.

Web development trends that won’t go away

Content development
Sites that receive massive traffic are always concerned with generating quality content, instead of dropping content on a finished website. Content is usually simple and minimalistic to provide visitors with the exact thing they want. So developing a site built around good content is likely to generate traffic and good conversions for the eCommerce websites.

Responsive web design
This trend begun back in 2012, and is here to stay forever. It works around an existing style to make a website responsive when being used on mobile devices. The generation of smartphone and tablets has seen many web developers create their websites in such a way that they can easily be accessed remotely, without the need for users to download special apps.

Metro style
Inspired by the release of Windows 8, many websites are now focusing on content-first design, while keeping it simple. Many web designers now follow a theme similar to that of Windows Metro 8. This style arranges content into grid-style boxes, large icons and roll-over effects. It’s popular with photographers.

Retina display
We first heard about it with iOS devices in 2012. It’s a way of saying that devices display liquid crystal clear content due to extreme high density pixel. The company claims that this technology is so complex that the human eye won’t notice the pixelation when the gadget is held on a typical viewing distance. There’s a segment of web users who browse using these products. In response to this, web developers now use CSS responsive design together with high-quality image resolutions to take advantage of this segment of the market.

Infinite scrolling
Today, popular social media sites use this technique instead of having to subject users to load next page content manually. When you scroll, the page is able to automatically load more content once you reach the bottom. In web development, this is a popular trend because they simply want to improve the user experience instead of forcing them to load pages manually.

There are many ways in which web developers are improving user experience of sites they build. If you have an online business, this is also very important as you want users to stay longer on your site. The assumption is that if the browsing experience is flawless, then they will stay longer. Depending on the nature of business you are conducting on the web, your website needs may also vary. For example, if you are a photographer, your website won’t look like an eCommerce or a gambling website.

Understanding the Journey your Customers Take

It’s not just good for business when you have a large number of customers; it’s really beneficial in terms of analysing a marketing campaign. If you are tracking your customer behaviour, you can see the path they took to become a customer.

You can also see where some visitors lost interest and moved to another website, and that means you’re able to make adjustments to improve the experience you provide. Some individuals will take a while, checking each of you pages before deciding on making a purchase, while others will go straight to the page they’re looking for and make a purchase.

This means that you have to look at audience behaviour carefully, and it’s important to not make any changes that can potentially discourage a large number of visitors from making purchases. Every customer is unique and your website should be able to cater for all of their needs, with plenty of engaging content, a straightforward navigation and accurate product details and prices.

Marketing at Exhibitions

There are exhibitions available for all kinds of industries and topics, and that means that there’s the opportunity there for many businesses to advertise their products to a targeted audience. Wedding exhibitions give cake decorators, photographers and dressmakers a chance to acquire some new clients and any businesses can take advantage of their industry’s exhibitions.

Entry fees don’t tend to be too expensive and some companies only need to come away with one firm enquiry to have made more than a return. The NEC in Birmingham holds exhibitions for all kinds of sectors and it’s important not to forget the most obvious and traditional forms of marketing; speaking to people and spreading the word about your businesses.

Traditional and modern techniques should always be used in a marketing strategy, so if you feel your businesses needs to be doing more than why not register for several exhibitions throughout the year.