What Should you Look for in a Good Web Design?

Are you looking to bring in more business in a cost-effective way? A search for web design Northampton could be just what you need. The web design space is popular and creative, giving you a beautiful new website that can do great work for you in selling your business. You just need to find a web design agency who can help, and then you will be on track to making more money and really boosting your business.

Why do you need a website? 

Your website will be the most vital part of your marketing strategy. This is because everything is based on it – your ultimate aim is to bring customers back to your website so they can see your products and services and really understand what you are all about. Once they have done this, the idea is to convert them into a customer, so that they spend money with your business.

Whenever you run other kinds of marketing campaigns – pay per click, display, retargeting, social media, search engine optimisation or otherwise – people will be coming back to your website if they take the action you want them to take. You could have the best PPC campaign in the world, using all the right keywords and getting a good price per click, but if your website isn’t right, it won’t produce any results for you. This is because people will click onto the ad, and then realise that they can’t get the information they need from your website, can’t find what they want, or simply don’t like using it. A good web design will improve their impression of your business and make them more likely to convert.

What will a good web design include?

You need to know what your website should be doing in order to work well. Here are some of the key things to consider putting onto your website:

  • A clear navigation. People who land on your site will be looking for something specific and it’s important they can find it quickly. Make their lives as easy as possible if you want to achieve results.
  • Easy to use website. Once people have found what they want, direct them around the page in a logical way. Make sure the information flows and makes sense logically.
  • Clear calls to action. Tell people what you want them to do, so they understand the process. If you want them to call you, make it simple for them to do so and explain what will happen when they do. For example ‘Call now to receive your free, no obligation quote.’
  • Contact details. People might want to ask questions, so make sure they can get hold of you if they need to. Give them the option of calling, emailing or contacting you online, as preferences will differ.
  • A clear and concise design. A good website doesn’t overload the user with information. Go for a clean and clear design that doesn’t look cluttered. Aesthetics are very important in web design and people must find your website attractive.